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Level System

Our Level System helps our coaches properly train each & every student that walks through our doors. Students have clear goals to accomplish & are given progressions for each movement they learn.

White RANK (Level 1)

The white band represents a new beginning. This is the beginning of your journey, facing a mountain of conquerable challenges ahead of you. White represents purity; new students starting out fresh as snow, ready to learn new movements such as basic vaults, basic jumping & landing techniques, wallruns, rail balance, & climbing.

After 50% of LVL 1 skills are displayed by the student proficiently, the student will receive their 1st black stripe on their band, symbolizing their first milestone as a traceur or freerunner. 

At 75% a 2nd Stripe will be added.


  • None 
  • Beginning your lifelong journey with Movement & learning a discipline that will positively change your life. 

Green RANK (LEVEL 2)

The Green Band represents newfound body awareness control. It is a new mindset; cutting through the foliage of the jungle to reach new challenges and possibilities.

After 50% of  LVL 2 Skills have been displayed proficiently students will receive their 1st stripe.

Students will receive their 2nd stripe when they have completed and displayed proficiency in at least 75% of their LVL 2 Skills, our coaches must also see the students actively displaying a positive mental attitude, respect to the gym, respect to themselves & respect to others. 


  • White Band with 2 Stripes
  • All LVL 1 skills complete
  • Access to Level 2 classes
  • Access to higher obstacles during open gym (10 ft Warped Wall, Etc)

Purple Rank (LEVEL 3)

Students are now more inspired and disciplined in continuing to advance their skills, their movement repertoire is diverse and they can adapt to many obstacles in their environment. Students can apply their deep understanding of many fundamental techniques to complex challenges. Conquering past challenges royally.


  • Green Band with 2 stripes
  • Attend at least 25 LVL 2 classes
  • All LVL 2 skills complete
  • Access to Level 3 Classes
  • Access to even more in gym parkour obstacles
  • Access to higher level parkour events


The Blue Band signifies students that have developed fluidity in most if not all of their movements, this takes self control, and confidence.

Students will be now be learning even more advanced movements, and training some of these movements on higher obstacles. The movements are beginning to flow like water.


  • Purple Band with 3 Stripes
  • Attend at least 45 Level 3 classes


  • Access to level 4 classes
  • Access to future Martial Arts Tricking classes, access to adult/teen open gym.

Black RANK (LEVEL 5)

The Black Band is the highest level & Honor available at our facility. Once students have completed the Black Band, they will have learned a wealth of Parkour and Freerunning movements. As a gift for your hardwork & effort, students are fully capable of applying to join our Pro Performance Team if they wish.


  • Blue Band with 3 stripes
  • Attend As Many LVL 4 Classes deemed necessary
  • Student may apply to become a part of the Movement United Pro Team, this is the highest honor our team can give to you. 


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