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Our Tumbling class provides an awesome opportunity to learn acrobatic movements from floor gymnastics. Its also super cool.  But while we are here, why should you take you or your child hear for a tumbling class? Well, just give me a second while I inform you that yes, we indeed do have adult tumbling classes. Why don’t most gyms have those? Well, to tell you the truth, most gyms aren’t us, and don’t care. But guess what, we care. So come tumble. & while you’re at it, go look over there at the other words we have to write so you will be enticed to visit our facility & see how legit we actually are… go on 🙂

Tumbling, for some people its more like fumbling. but not for you, or your child. not anymore!

Tumbling is the crazy awesome floor flippy do’s that you see gymnasts, cheerleaders, Parkour athletes and the like performing as they round off backhandspring into the sunset. Wow. 

Our team at Movement has worked tons of high school cheer teams, adults & children to help be awesome-er. Some of these schools & athletes are now or were once considered the best in the state. Not only that, but our instructors are also talented athletes. Tired of having your students or team taught by coaches who have never performed these movements or if they did it was a millenia ago?

So are we! Our progressive & new age method at MU is tried and true and trains your athlete as a whole person, giving them the confidence they need to succeed. 

Are you or your child stuck on a certain move? We will help them break through the mental or physical barriers stopping them from succeeding.


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