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Young Heroes (Ages 4-6)

A fun introductory parkour class for 4-6 year olds. 

Our Young Heroes class allows us to take advantage of this window of opportunity in a child’s life to introduce them to cross-training and create a substantial base for their physical capabilities. Our mission is to train body mechanics and awareness until it becomes second-nature, especially for our younger heroes. The Young Heroes training foundation is composed of 2 main disciplines:


Children love to jump up and down furniture and structures during these formative years and tend to be inexperienced with their own safety. We teach them how to play safely. This is a class where we teach students how to climb, jump, swing, and roll safely and correctly. These classes have a major focus on safely overcoming obstacles. We teach how to protect knees, elbows, and especially faces. The practice of parkour is the practice of 3-Dimensional problem solving.


Our gymnastics classes focus on kinematics, or body position. This is where children learn how to support their weight and stay balanced while inverted. Form and body position are the major players here.

Over time, your children will develop their balance, hand/eye/foot coordination, aerial awareness, spatial awareness, accuracy, strength, flexibility, teamwork, and problem solving through skills training, team work and collaboration with other students, and obstacle related games. 

Our team of professional parkour and gymnastics coaches at Movement United believe that through hard work, perseverance, and seeing obstacles as opportunities to help one grow, each and every Young Hero can become the hero they dream to be. Our coaches developed our curriculum to make sure your Young Hero progresses through learning parkour and gymnastics safety skills as quickly and safely as possible.

band level System

Our Young Heroes curriculum was designed with 4 – 6 year-olds specifically in mind. Children in this age group have a White Ranking, and they can level up as they grow older. Students must master a set number of predetermined skills in order to move up the band levels and move to more advanced classes. These skills are found on the students Curriculum Card, created when they enroll in classes.

This age group loves to climb, jump, swing, and play on just about anything they can find. We’ve all seen a child climb up onto something only to get stuck and be unable to get back down. But we want them to be safe as they explore their capabilities. This is why our entire curriculum is set up to create muscle memory based skills that will stick with our students for life. We teach our Young Heroes how to climb without using knees and elbows (because cartilage does not grow back!), protect their faces and organs, as well as how to run, jump, and land with proper body mechanics. Our goal is to create children who instinctively understand their physical capabilities to keep them safe during play. We train Young Heroes!



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