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It is our goal to provide the community with the most professional, and friendliest coaches that we can find!

Jeremiah Bishop

Job Role: Owner/Founder, Parkour Coach.
Education/Schooling: Certified Firefighter, Licensed EMT-B, Schoolcraft College, & Entrepreneurship. A.D.A.P.T. Level 1 Certified Parkour Coach
Specialty Classes Taught: Parkour/Handbalance/Tumbling
How long have you been training?: 9 years
Hobbies: Parkour, Urbex, Rockclimbing, Handbalance. Tumbling/Tricking. I do stunts for movies and tv and I love it!
Favorite Healthy Food: Soursop, A Jamaican Fruit. Any fruit/vegetable is good! Anything Vegan.
Favorite Muscle Group To Work: Legs/Shoulders
Favorite Super Hero: Wolverine & One Punch Man.


Job Role: Yoga Instructor
Education/Schooling: Certified in Thai Massage, Serv Safe Certified, Culinary School Graduate at Schoolcraft College.
Specialty Classes Taught: Yoga
How long have you been training?: 5 years of Yoga. I have been teaching for over a year.
Hobbies: Cooking, biking, hiking, muy thai, Jiu-jitsu
Favorite Healthy Food: Anything healthy.
Favorite Muscle Group To Work: Core
Favorite Super Hero: Aquaman

Michael Frankford

Job Role: Aerial Silks Instructor
Education/Schooling: Oakland University, Film Degree
Specialty Classes Taught: Aerial Silks
How long have you been training? I have been training Silks for 5 years. I have taught at multiple other studios. I can love teaching all ages & skill levels.
Hobbies: Entrepreneurship, it’s less of a hobby, but I love it like it is one. I own my own business & sell my products at Comic Cons & the like.
Favorite Healthy Food: I love pretty much anything but I really love cheese. Does that count?
Favorite Muscle Group to work: Abs & Arms.
Favorite Super Hero: Robin

Angela Bevak

Job Role: Aerial Silks Instructor
Education/Schooling: Bachelors of Psychology (Eastern Michigan University)
Specialty Classes Taught: Beginner & Intermediate Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Aerial Cube.
Experience & Background: 4 Years of Training at multiple circus schools.
Hobbies: Photography, Extreme sports
Favorite Healthy Food: Sprouted grain chips with sweet onion salsa
Favorite Muscle Group To Work: Abs & Arms
Favorite Super Hero: Superman


Job Role: Parkour Coach
Education/Schooling: Wayne State University Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Specialty Classes Taught: Parkour/Tumbling
How long have you been training?: Parkour for 7 years.
Hobbies: Parkour/Freerunning, Personal Training
Favorite Healthy Food: Avocados, Cashews.
Favorite Muscle Group to Work: Chest, Core, Back
Favorite Super Hero: Goku

Michael Kellner

Education/Schooling: Highschool, Currently Enrolled but I am going to College.
Specialty Classes: Parkour Lvl 1-3
Experience/Knowledge: 5 years of Parkour Training
Hobbies: Parkour, Track & Field.
Favorite Healthy Food: Sushi
Favorite Muscle Group: Shoulders
Favorite Super Hero: Deadpool


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