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Open Gym Rules

Before visiting our open gyms, make sure to read our rules. We’ve created these rules for your safety, so you can progress at a level that is appropriate for you.

Foampit Safety
DO NOT: Dive head first or belly flop into the foam pit! The best position to land in is feet first. If you cannot land feet first, try to land on your butt, back or side. Keep your neck and spine engaged. The best habit is to treat the foam pit as if it was hard ground. Remove shoes, socks, jewelry, and all other belongings from your pockets.

Trampoline Safety
One at a time! You must get permission from one of our coaches to jump from the high wall onto the tramp, or to attempt double flips.

Inflatable Tumble Floor Safety
Remove shoes. Do not bounce or step on the corners of the floor.

Restrictions for Beginners
For your safety, beginners may not train on top of or jump off any obstacles that are taller than their own reach. This includes all bars and platforms over six feet. Objects within your reach are always okay to hang from. Most platforms directly bordering the foam pit are always okay to train on.

Watch Out For Those Around You
Look before you leap! The gym can be a busy place sometimes. Be aware of others training around you. Ask a friend or coach to help you with blind spots.

Do Not Play Tag
Chasing people or running blindly through the gym is dangerous to you and other people training in the gym. It is a violation of the previous rule.

Pad Your Fall Zones
Use pads and/or mats underneath you at all times until you have more formal parkour training. Please respect our equipment by using pads appropriately. Do not drag mats across the gym. Find a coach if you need help moving mats. Padding underneath bars is extremely important when swinging. Pad both sides of any bars you are swinging on.

Stay Within Your Comfort Zone
Many of the people you see training here have been doing so for many years. Take it slow. Become familiar with our gym and its many different obstacles and structures.

Final Tips
Read our safe training posters and other gym signage.
Flip Tip: Tuck knees out and away from your face. It’s safer and helps you spin faster.
No Rough Housing: Coaches may remove students for violent or poor behavior.

Let us know if you have any questions. Have fun! If you’re unsure about anything, just ask a coach or staff member. We’re here to help you be safe, learn plenty, and enjoy our gym!


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