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Our Mission

Our mission at Movement United is to get as many kids and adults moving and expressing themselves as possible. We offer classes for parents to move their bodies while their kids learn one of the many movement disciplines we teach. It is our goal and mission to bring parents, college students, teenagers, and of course kids under one roof to move! That is why we offer a few different classes at the moment, like Parkour, A discipline to train you to master your mind by overcoming physical challenges and obstacles, Aerial Silks, an art form of self expression which teaches, patience, and will strengthen your mind and muscles, and Tumbling, the acrobatic floor portion of gymnastics and cheerleading, which will give you an amazing understanding of moving forwards, backwards and sideways, learning confidence and air-awareness.

We plan to offer many more classes in the future including breakdance, a trampoline class, and more adult fitness classes such as yoga.

At Movement United we treat each individual athlete as a whole person, mentoring, encouraging our students, and helping to guide them to be good people. We believe that is takes a village to motivate and inspire and that being a good coach and role model can change the lives of each student that we work with. 


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